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Kanji 横縞
Gender Male
Height and Weight 130cm, 80kg
Birthday 13 June GEMINI ♊
School Fujou High
Class and Year 2-F
Club ?
Anime Episode 1
Manga Volume 1 Chapter 1


He is a second year at Fujou High. He is also part of the Kazama's Party, a delinquent group leader by Kenji Kazama who plans to rule the world someday with his fists. He is friends with Kenji Kazama, Ataru Kawahara and Hiroshi Nagayama.


He seems to be the only person in Kazama's Party that is actually a delinquent because he always comes up with the best of ideas that a delinquent would do or think of.


Sometime in the past he gained the name "Little Foot Yokoshima" for himself.

He, Ataru Kawahara, Hiroshi Nagayama and Kenji Kazama have been friends since Fujou academy. It is unknown if they have known each other before that.

In the past, the Kazama Party was at the top department store's roof when a fire suddenly started downstairs. Shaun Konekone suddenly appeared with a rope which allowed them to climb safely down from the roof thus saving their lives.