My D-Frag collection. Will update as it grows.


My favorite wallpaper. find more on the official D-Frag site

D-Frag is my favorite manga, and I want to help complete this wiki

My Collection Edit

(pictured right)(left to right, up to down)

D-Frag anime on Blu-Ray/DVD. Plays in English, Japanese with English subtitiles available and voice over commentary for 2 episodes provided by the english dub cast.

D-Frag vol 9 special. Contains D-Frag vol. 9 (japanese) with special cover, OVA "Water!" on DVD, a special postcard and a box that holds it all.

D-Frag vol 8.5. Special art book released exclusively in Japan. Contains character stats and info, plus references used for the anime and other artwork.

IOSYS JK Girls "Stalemate" D-Frag CD. The anime's opening and an additional track performed by IOSYS JK Girls. Factory Sealed.

D-Frag vol 1-12. Western Releases. I've already preordered vol 13.

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