Tsutsumi Inada
Kanji Name 稲田 堤
Gender Female
School Fujou High
Class and Year 1-A
Club Game Creation Club
Anime Appearance Episode 2
Manga Appearance Volume 1 Chapter 4


Tsutsumi Inada is a first year student at Fujou High. She is a glasses wearing girl who serves as the Vice-President of the Real Game Creation Club. She said Oka Sakuragaoka is a very hot boy who has the appearance of a girl. She loves it when Sakuragaoka dresses up as a girl as shown she will have a scene of nose bleeding every time Sakuragaoka cross-dresses, during the tournament at Fujou High which was held for Roka Shibasaki, she was serving as a host along with Chitose Karasuyama.


She is known for having perverted intentions towards that of her club president and Sakuragaoka being quite similar to Chitose. However, she seems to be good friend as she constantly tries to help Takao in her attempts to win over her crush Kenji Kazama but is usually exasperated at the latter's shyness or denseness.


She and Takao seem quite close, so it is assumed that she was part of the original club. She tries to help her in defeating the Game Creation Club (Temp) but in the end they fail but make amends with them. Tsutsumi is one of the few known characters to know of Takao's crush on Kenji Kazama having figured it out when she spends most of her time with the other club.

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