Kanji Name 天王洲
Gender Male
School Fujou High
Class and Year  ?
Club Science Club
Anime Appearance Episode 7
Manga Appearance  ?


He is student at Fujou High and is also the President of the Science Club, during the tournament at Fujou High which was held for Roka Shibasaki, he was cast as an reserve contestant, because Kazama had been knocked unconscious after being shot by Takao's zipper from her P.E. uniform.

After that Tennouzu became an Ally of Kazama Party but not anymore, because ultimately he helped the former members of the student council. he also assisted in the hair growth syrum which only worked on kazama who using this new serum was able to grow his hair back in an alarming rate after he shaved his hair off in order to defeat rook in the rock and paper scissors game in volume 9

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