Takao's Mother
Kanji Name 高尾母
Gender Female
Anime Appearance Episode 5 (Flashback)

Episode 8 (Actual)

Manga Appearance Volume 3 Chapter 26
Takao's mother is the mother of Takao, Takao's Eldest Sister and Takao's Second Sister who also has great physical power and agility.


Takao's mother was the woman who left the Kazama Party on the roof during a Fire Accident at elementary school, due to needing to return her family.

Years later, she encounters Kenji Kazama again who she recognizes from the incident at the water shrine. He does not recognize her. She initially competes, being wary of Kazama, but when Sean Connery (Konekone) shows up she decides to drop out.

It is implied she has had an exciting life as when Takao arrived home with two sets of dirty clothes she hadn't previously owned she did not find it strange, commenting on how getting into dangerous situations is common for a girl her age. She imagines her daughter facing off against a giant robot and several shadowy figures.

She supports Takao's love life wholeheartedly and has much confidence in her, stating that the only way he wouldn't be into her is if he were a lolicon or gay.

Upon learning Roka Shibasaki (Takao's best friend) and Tsutsuji Shibasaki's (Roka's sister) home was destroyed and were currently staying with her daughter's crush, her regular confidence dwindles, and deems it necessary she stay with him as well. She then kicks Takao out of her house, sending her on her way with sekihan (red bean) rice to use as an offering, with a note attached, reading "please take good care of my daughter." She sees her daughter off, having to convince Saku Kazama (Kenji's mother) to let her stay. Kenji's mother finds the whole thing strange but ultimately agrees. Kenji objects quite strongly but Takao ultimately ends up staying.


  • She is quite proud of Takao for being the only daughter which inherited her body similarities between her three daughters.
    • Takao is revealed to have surpasses her, which leaves their entire family in shock.
  • She is shown to be skilled at video games.
  • She is proud of Takao but is critical of her other daughters for their lifestyle and failed love lives.
  • She remembers Kazama from the fire but does not seem to be aware that her youngest daughter has a crush on him.
    • By Chapter 121, she seems to be fully aware, as she locked him in a closet together.
  • She attempted to teach Takao how to make nikujaga stew, telling her it's how you win a man's heart. Takao, being young at the time, refused because she preferred curry.
  • Her "love heart beam" technique is effective on her husband but when Takao tries it on Kenji Kazama he mistakes it for stretching.

    Takao's Mom on the cover of the Vol. 9 Special Edition

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