Takao's Eldest Sister
Kanji Name 高尾の長姉
Gender Female
Anime Appearance Episode 8
Manga Appearance  ?


She is the Eldest of two younger sisters who are Takao and Takao's Second Sister. Her mother is Takao's Mother.


She seems to be interested in various subjects of fiction. She was interested in getting the piece of the meteorite her sister promised.

Like her other sister, she seems to believe that Takao is wasting her time with games and should get a boyfriend due to having the appeal. She is aware of her youngest sister's crush on Kazama and tries to help her with ways of getting his attention only to fall short with the latter's denseness.


  • Unlike Takao, she and her other sister didn't inherited their mother's body similarities.
  • While going shopping, she and Takao's Second Sister first saw Kenji Kazama and thought that he was quite hot and really good looking although they were quit far.Takao who was with them didn't say anything, instead she had gone back home to dress more appealing.
    • They meet him formally in chapter 121, after their mother tied them up and trapped the closet.
  • Unlike Takao, she and her other sister doesn't appear to like games.
  • Out of the siblings and mother, she is the only one that wears glasses.
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