Kanji 神泉
Gender Female
Height and Weight 156 cm, 49 kg
Birthday February 24
School Fujou High
Class and Year 3-D
Club ?
Anime Episode 10
Manga Volume 3 Chapter 21


She is a third year student at Fujou High who was the former student council secretary. She is also Tama Sakai's and Azuma Matsubara's childhood friend.

She easily vomits by anything that is caused by shock or a little motion. It is rumored that the acid from her vomit could melt anything. Her nickname is barfy.

During the competition held by the members of the Game Creation Club (Temp) she was spying on the members from inside a robot but before she realize it, she was stuck inside of it. When she was freed she got a little shuck and vomited.

She also participate in "Mobile Phone Hunt Dubbed as Phoneting Game" in order to shut down Game Creation Club (temp). She often gets useless part-time job.


She got the nickname Barfy because during an assembly she vomited all over the stage and Tama was the one who came up with the name.


  • She works part-time at a cafe.