Shinozaki infobox.png

Character Status
Kanji Name 篠崎
Gender Male
School Fujou high
Class and Year 2-B
Anime Episode 5
Manga chapter 16
Japanese  ?

Overview[edit | edit source]

Skinozaki is like Ohori and Murmomi a sort of minor character that has evolved from a npc to a minor character i suppose he is also a student of Fujou High class 2-b the same class as Kazama he also made a debut in the d frag data cd but he was officially introduced in chapter 56

Personality [edit | edit source]

Shinozaki like most students in the school are very strange in their own ways or at least that is in Kazamas mind he is also very perverted at times for example in volume 9 he sat on Funaboris desk that kazoo brought outside but other then that he is a pretty normal dude in Fujouh High

Background [edit | edit source]

It can be assumed that Shinozaki came too this school at the same time and shortly after arriving at the school the two became close friends along with Muromi the rest of his backstory is quite unknown and the only way we shall if in some future volume it dives deep into his backstory....

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