Kanji Name 小田原
Gender Male
Anime Appearance Episode 4
Manga Appearance Volume 2 Chapter 12


A student at Fujou High who is also the leader of the Band of 14 devils gang, and it is the one that is feared the most at their school. His gang was confronted by the Kazama Party and Kenji Kazama alone beat 5 out of 14 of the members but was then captured by them and later both the members of the Game Creation Club (Temp) and Takao showed up to rescue him and succeeded.


He seem to be a leader just like Kenji Kazama, with ideas to someday run the school with his gang. He also seem like a guy that only stays around for a fight if he has the advantage, as seen when his gang was confronted by the Kazama Party, he didn't show any fear at all and had even went in front the Kenji's face.

He is also a moron at times who listens to Takasaki every demand.

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