Noe Kazama
Noe Kazama
Kanji Name 風間 之江
Gender Female
School Fujou High
Class and Year 1st Year
Club  ?
Anime Appearance Episode 7 (Cameo)
Episode 9 (Actual)
Manga Appearance Volume 3 Chapter 24

Noe Kazama is Kenji Kazama's little sister and a first year at Fujou High.


She starts to develops a deep fear of Takao, partly due to Takao claiming that she ordered Kenji to stand in line for a game release in her stead - to which he complied (Noe being aware that her brother is a delinquent). Takao claims this in order to avoid a misunderstanding with Roka (which fails miserably). Takao continues to deepen this fear unintentionally through various misunderstandings.

Noe's element type was ice because the members of the Game Creation Club (Temp) asked her what her favorite thing was and she told them that it was is ice cream. However, at Hashimoto's island, by helping to carry Kenji because of his motion sickness, she became known as a "little sister element," which gets a more enthusiastic reception.


Noe is, in most aspects, considerably normal. She respects her brother's delinquency to a clear degree, showing how much she actually does support her older brother. She's very accepting of his methods, though its unknown if she's ever been a delinquent before and if she plans to be.

Noe is a stubborn girl with a sense of rationale and common sense. Something valuable and rare in this series. She retains a lot of normalcy in her daily life, and is pretty normal as a result. However, she has developed a complex on her spiky and stiff hair. The details of this are unknown, though she finds being patted on the hair uncomfortable. Repeated attempts of doing so led to her first comedic outburst.

She holds a lot of affection for her older brother, though she doesn't show it in her normal routine. She is not openly affectionate however, in specific situations and when conditions are met, she will turn to her older brother to seek comfort. The term "Onii-chan" is used instead of "Aniki" to refer to Kenji. The former being a much more affectionate and intimate way to refer to an older brother and the latter being more respectful and polite but somewhat distant. Usually, the situations involve having gone through a severe amount of physical stress, as seen in her first appearance in Episode 09, or psychological stress, as seen (also) in Episode 09.

Noe's stubbornness, loud voice and somewhat explosive temper have led to her becoming a perfect straight man, similar to those in comedy duo shows. She shares this trait with her brother, one that immediately causes others to associate them as siblings. She is capable of scarily powerful in humorous punchlines, or a "Tsukommi" in Japanese, on a level with her brother.

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Noe crying.