Texas-Chasu Muromi

Character Status
Kanji Name 室見
Gender Male
School Fujou High School

k Debut

Anime Episode 6
Manga Chapter 19
Japanese Ryoukan Koyanagi

Overview Edit

Muromi is the son of the Ramen chef owner that's his main schtick his other schtick at least in the later Volumes is that he is usually complaining that he always gets fried rice and ties to get the other students to trade with him 

Personality Edit

Muromi seems like a lumbering giant who can crush anything in his path although this isn't true he is somewhat the opposite of Yamato he docent use his strength or size he uses his wits as shown in the tournament when he blackmailed Moro to jump out

Background Edit

Not much is known about Murumo other then the fact that he is the son pot the Ramen Chef owner

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