Kanji Name 百草
Gender Female
School Fujou High
Class and Year 2-?
Club  ?
Anime Appearance N/A
Manga Appearance Chapter 39


Not much information is revealed about her, but according to Kenji's Mother she is a childhood friend of Noe Kazama and Kenji Kazama, she is also a second year student at Fujou High.

She was first mentioned when all the members of the Game Creation Club visited Kazama's house, Kenji's mother called her and asked if she wanted to eat sushi outside and then Mogusa agreed but shortly after entering the house, she was baged by Roka , followed by Takao's bust attack, all the girls seemed to be jealous at Mogusa because she is Kazama's childhood friend. Even her face wasn't revealed.

Shortly after that, Tama also visited Kenji's house and she heared that Mogusa is Kazama's childhood friend, Tama then asked what type of men she liked, and what her relationship was with Kenji, then Mogusa answered that she prefered men like Shiou who is famous among girls. She said that she isn't interested in Kenji, but it seems like she was lying because it looked like she was hesitant. And when she was answering Tama's questions she tried to call Kenji, Ken-chan.

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