The Kazama Party is a gang who are led by Kenji Kazama, they plan to rule the school one day with their fists.

Known MembersEdit

Kazama Party AlliesEdit

After the victory Kenji in the competitive gaming tournaments for Roka bag. They then got some alliance members are known:


  • It appears they have all known each other since childhood.
  • Though Kenji is the leader, he was the least known member as in the beginning people could not remember his name, despite the gang being named after him the Kazama Party. After beating the Band of 14 Devils, his reputation changed and he became known as Student Council President Chitose and Underground Boss Roka's underling much to his dismay. His reputation changed again, when he defeated former student council president Tama Sakai and other male students refuse to fight him after learning of this.
  • Hachi Shiou who despite not being a member is often seen hanging around the gang.


  • The Kazama Party Allies appears.
  • Kazama Party Allies match against 14 Band of devils
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