Kanji 船堀
Gender Female
Height and Weight 155cm, 41kg
Birthday 7 February
School Fujou High
Class and Year 2-B
Club Cooking Club
Anime Episode 4 (Cameo)

Episode 5 (Actual)

Manga Volume 3 Chapter 16


Funabori is a second year student at Fujou High and is Kenji Kazama's class mate. She is good when it comes to housework and she is often shown doing chores for the class. Funabori developed a crush on Kenji Kazama. She offered the leftovers of her lunch to Kazama after his lunch was eaten and she even blushes when she's talking to Kazama.


Funabori is domestic, nice, kind and considerate person according to Chitose Karasuyama guide book, leading to most of the guys in school to love and adore her.



  • Alongside Takao, Funabori full name hasn't been revealed.
  • Her dream job is to be a nurse, which is the reason she joined the first-aid group during the game tournament.
  • Funabori is considered the number one candidate for being a wife among the guys in school.
  • According to Noe Kazama, Funabori is considered a goddess among the first years.
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